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ICE and Immigration Best Practices
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You have likely seen in the news that there has been an uptick in immigration enforcement, including “raids,” and Social Security Administration “no-match” letters being sent to businesses across the country. While we have not directly heard of any activity yet in Wyoming you should plan ahead and be prepared in the event that ICE contacts you or you receive a “no match” letter.  

We understand that many of our members still have questions about how best to follow the rules and help their employees at the same time.  Here is the link to a webinar that the National Restaurant Association held exclusively on immigration law with information regarding immigration rights, compliance and resources for owners/managers and employees, as well as guidance for securing counsel in the event of an enforcement action. Please take the time to watch it.  

During the webinar, outside immigration law experts discuss raids conducted by ICE officers in various parts of the country.  The outside lawyers suggested restaurateurs to know ahead of time that ICE seeks to collect evidence to use against a company, including: Employee arrest information; No-match letters; I-9 audits; and, Employee complaints.  To be prepared, our members should already have this information, but also know that ICE must obtain a warrant to collect this evidence and you should feel comfortable demanding from ICE to produce such a warrant.

Additionally our friends at the Fisher Phillips Law Firm have provided us with the following two excellent resources about how to prepare for and deal with an ICE visit or a no match letter.


FAQ about Ice Raids and if Ice contacts you


FAQ about receiving a no match letter

If you need additional help, we recommend you contact your retained counsel.  If you need legal assistance you can contact one of the following law firms.


Holland and Hart

2515 Warren Ave Suite 450

Cheyenne WY 82001

307-778-4200 (Office)


Andria L. Ryan

Fisher & Phillips LLP

(404) 240-4219 (Office)

(678) 662-4678 (Cell)

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