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COVID19-Take Out, Hotel Room, Food Safety Guidelines

COVI-19 Guidelines: Hotel Rooms, Take-Out, Delivery and Room Service


Personal Hygiene

1. Employees must ensure proper hand washing practices are followed:

    Wash hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, paying special attention to in between fingers and underneath nails

    Hand sanitizer should not be used in place of hand washing. If hand sanitizer is used after hand washing, allow time for it to dry completely prior to touching any surfaces or food products

    No Bare-hand contact should occur with ready to eat food. Ensure gloves are worn at all times, follow proper glove usage protocols

(1) Gloves should be single use ONLY

(2) Hands must be washed prior to placing gloves on

(3) Ensure the proper size of glove is available at all times

(4) Gloves should be changed when:

i)   Gloves become dirty

ii) Before beginning a different task

iii) After an interruption, such as taking a phone call

iv) After handing raw meat, seafood, or poultry and before handling ready to eat food

v)  After four hours of continuous use



2.   When should hands be washed?

(1) When entering the establishment

(2) For take-out, before and after each guest interaction

(3) After handling money, credit cards or dirty dishes

(4) After touching eyes, nose or mouth

(5) After using the restroom

(6) When switching tasks

(7) When switching gloves

(8) Anytime a task is interrupted



3. Any employee that feels ill or is showing any symptoms of being ill should be sent home and/or told not to come in to work until symptoms have subsided.

Hotel Rooms and Public Areas

1.   Routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops, and doorknobs

2.   Take special care to frequently and routinely disinfect hard surfaces and high-touch areas such as railing, doorknobs and handles, elevator buttons, restroom surfaces, countertops, tabletops, chairs, fitness equipment, etc

3.   Use the cleaning agents that are usually used and follow the directions on the label.

4.   Provide disposable wipes so that commonly used surfaces (for example, doorknobs, keyboards, remote controls, desks) can be wiped down by employees or guests before each use

5.   Place alcohol-based hand sanitizers in public areas available for employees and the public to use.


Curbside/ Off Site Delivery

1.   Do not require credit card signatures in order to avoid close proximity

2.   Reduce cash handling whenever possible (use google pay, venmo, apple pay, etc)

3.   Ensure all food is placed in containers to avoid mixing, spilling, leaking

4.   All food items should be properly labeled to prevent potential allergic reactions

5.   Monitor food to ensure time/temperature guidelines are followed

6.   To limit person-to-person interaction, delivery drivers are encouraged to drop-off food deliveries at a customers front door, or in the lobby of their building. The goal is to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from one another during the delivery transaction.

7.   Businesses should also review their current insurance coverage to ensure that they are covered for "hired non-owned auto  policies if they are going to be conducting their deliveries with their staff as opposed to using a third party delivery service.


1.   Encourage patrons to stay in their cars using curb-side pick up

2.   Bring food outside to patrons picking up to go orders

3.   Do not require credit card signatures to avoid close proximity

4.   Establishments should use single-use, pre-wrapped utensils to reduce the risk of contamination

5.   Condiments being provided should be single use products

6.   Clear lids: Being able to see the food after its packed keeps employees from opening to verify what is packed and helps keep orders straight. This also reduces deterioration and contamination risk. Using sticker systems can help identify orders without reopening packages as well.

7.   Bags need to be sealed in some way. There are bags that have stick seals for safe delivery, or use the old faithful and staple the bag shut. This helps ensure the driver cannot tamper with the food.


Room Service

1. Do not require credit card/room charge signatures in order to avoid close proximity

2. Let your guest know the approximate time food will be arriving and leave it outside the

room for guest to pick up

Disinfecting with Wipes & Sprays

1.   Sanitize high-touch points more frequently:

2.   All handles, knobs, and push plates including all refrigerators/freezers, ovens, stoves, and ice machines

3.   Sink handles in kitchens, waiter stations, and employee and guest restrooms

4.   Computer keypads and touchscreens Telephone receivers and keypads

5.   Soap dispenser push plates or knobs • Trash receptacle touch points

6.   Paper Towel dispensers in kitchen and restrooms

7.   Ice scoops stock gloves and sanitizer next to the ice machine; advise staff to use a glove to handle the ice scoop; disinfect the scoop frequently

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