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5.03.18 Three Weeks To File & Run
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There is still 3 weeks to file and run for the legislature!

Wyoming is extremely fortunate to have a citizen legislature.  What that means is that, when not participating in the legislature, the 60 members in the Wyoming House of Representatives and the 30 members in the Wyoming Senate are all working citizens within our communities. 

While advocating on behalf of the hospitality and tourism industry this past session I could not help but notice that we are in dire need of some industry representatives with business experience in both the house and senate chambers. 

When the states marketing budget was cut by $2 million this past session, the senate voted handily to reinstate the funding with a 20-10 vote on the second reading of the budget.  In the house we weren’t so lucky.  The house denied reinstating the $2 million on second reading by a vote of 31-29 against us.  We worked HARD and stretched to get to the 29 votes too.  We were fortunate to flip the needed votes on 3rd reading and the $2 million was reinstated, but the fact remains that when the legislature convenes in Cheyenne each year, there are not enough hospitality and tourism industry champions protecting and promoting our industry.

What if the $2 million had not been reinstated?  How much less traffic would your business have missed out on? What if more cuts are proposed in the coming session?  (Spoiler alert - more cuts WILL be proposed and businesses in our industry will see fewer visitors if the states marketing budget continues to be cut)

As Wyoming grapples with a $600 million education-funding shortfall, the timing is absolutely critical that individuals from our industry rise to the challenge and run for either the Wyoming House of Representatives or the Wyoming Senate.  

The filing deadline is on May 17, 2018.  There are 3 weeks left to make a positive difference in our industry.  If you have been considering it or if you are just now thinking that you might consider running, please do. 

There are 90 individuals that meet in Cheyenne each year to make critical decisions that impact your business every day.  Your participation in the Wyoming legislature will absolutely make a difference.

If you are thinking about running and have any questions please contact WLRA Executive Director Chris Brown at or call (307) 634-8816 x 207.


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