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030513 WTIC Legislative Update
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2013 WY Legislative Wrap-Up

Wyoming Capitol

This past week saw the close of the 2013 general legislative session. The session ended 4 days early, and those days can be used during next year’s twenty-day budget session if needed.

The Wyoming Travel Industry Coalition played an important role in this year’s session on several significant issues.

The WTIC was a member of a broad coalition supporting the passage of HB 69 - Highway Funding. This bill will increase the fuel tax in Wyoming by ten cents a gallon generating approximately seventy million dollars annually to be used in maintaining Wyoming’s roads.

SF 41 State Parks-ATM Donations would have allowed for voluntary donations at ATM locations with proceeds going to the Wyoming Dept. of State Parks and Cultural Resources. This bill ultimately failed passing on the House floor.

The Wyoming Office of Tourism bi-ennium budget was the focus of several law makers this session. The Cowboy Marketing program is near and dear to many at the state capitol and as a result of the 8% cuts requested by the Governor, the program funding had been reduced by $118,000.00 Amendments to address this reduction came from both sides of the Capitol. Representative Tom Walters brought an amendment first that would have taken this funding from the public defenders office and put it into cowboy marketing. When this failed he brought a new amendment that simply said the cuts could not come from the cowboy marketing program. This passed and the Wyoming Office of Tourism and their board will have to make this reduction from elsewhere in the budget. Senator John Schiffer proposed an amendment simply adding the funding back into the program but did not have enough support to get it passed.

With the general legislative session now over, your association will begin to focus on relevant issues that will be studied on during this interim period. Sustainable funding for the Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. and protecting funding for the Wyoming Office of Tourism budget will be the focus. As the issues unfold this spring and summer the Wyoming Travel Industry Coalition will keep all members currrent through our monthly newsletter. As always, thank you for your support of our great industry.

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