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021913 WTIC Legislative Update
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2013 WY Legislature's General Session

Wyoming Capitol

Week six of this year’s 8 week long general legislative session was eventful with several significant bills in the spotlight.

HB 69 - Highway Funding passed the Senate and has been signed into law by the Governor. Wyoming’s fuel tax will go up ten cents a gallon generating about 71 million in annual revenue to be used for Wyoming’s roads. The WTIC along with the WLRA are members of a broad coalition supporting HB 69.

The Wyoming Office of Tourism budget had two amendments proposed, both in an attempt to preserve funding cut from the Cowboy Marketing Program. The House amendment disallowed the cutting of funds from this program forcing the Tourism Board to make the cut elsewhere in the budget. The Senate amendment attempted to simply add the funds back in. In the end it was the House amendment that prevailed and $118,000 will be moved back into this program and taken from another area of the budget.

SF 41 State Parks-ATM Donations unfortunately died on the House floor last week. This bill would have allowed ATM users the option to make a voluntary donation to State Parks and Cultural Resources.

This coming week the Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee will begin discussing interim topics and WTIC lobbyists will be in attendance to monitor the committee’s activities.

A number of other bills important to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry are on our radar and are being monitored daily. You can find a list of these bills below, in addition to instruction for how to reach out to your legislators. Please contact Chris Brown at with any questions or concerns.

Get Involved!  Keep up with Session & Contact your Legislators

The Wyoming legislature began its 2013 session January 8 and runs until the first week of March. 

The state legislative services office offers an array of options for residents from across the state to follow all of the committee meetings and discussions on the floors of the House and Senate.

Click here for a list of all legislators’ emails, which is their preferred method of contact.

During the session you can contact a legislator to leave a message by calling the Senate receptionist at 307-777-7711 or the House receptionist at 307-777-7852.

To check on committee schedules, view bills, listen to live broadcasts of the legislative session or find out how individual legislators vote, log on to the Legislative website at

You can also comment on bills online by visiting

Bills which have DIED have been moved to the bottom of this list


HB 69 – Highway Funding – Raises the state’s fuel tax ten cents per gallon with the proceeds going to highway maintenance. Sponsored by: Revenue Committee, Passed House, Passed both houses and signed into law by Governor, SUPPORT

HB 110 – Off Road Gas Distribution – Allows the continuation of a gasoline tax on snowmobiles to be used for trail maintenance and repair. Passed House and Senate, now awaiting Governor’s signature, SUPPORT



Bills your association worked on that have died

HB 70 – Vehicle Registration Fees Raises registration fees on several classes of vehicles across the board. Sponsored by: Revenue Committee, Died – never heard.

HB 101 – Worker’s Compensation Appeals – Restricts reviews of appeals by the State Supreme Court. Sponsored by: Rep. Zwonitzer, Dan, FAILED In Committee.

HB 135 – Snowmobile Permit and Registration Fees, 2Increase registration and user fees for visiting snowmobilers while eliminating user fees for resident snowmobiles. Provides additional selling agent fees and repeals requirement of showing proof of sales tax paid. Also repeals required language on decals and provides for disposition of fees for replacement certificates and decals. Sponsored by Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Interim Committee. In committee. SUPPORT

HB 136 – Game and Fish License Fees – Raises fees for hunting and fishing licenses for both residents and non-residents to help fund the Game and Fish Department, and indexes those fees annually. Sponsored by Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Interim Committee. Failed committee vote.

HB 260 – Game and Fish Fees – A smaller fee increase than the bill that died (HB 136). Failed Committee of the Whole; Indefinately Postponed.

SF 32 – Game and Fish License Fees – Raises hunting and fishing license fees to help fund operations of the State Game and Fish Department. Sponsored by: Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Interim Committee, Died – not heard by committee.

SF 41 – State Parks - ATM Donations – Allows for voluntary donations at ATM locations with proceeds going to the Wyoming Dept. of State Parks and Cultural Resources. Sponsored by: Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Interim Committee, Passed Senate, passed House Travel Committee, failed on House Floor.

SF 42 – Snowmobiles - Permit and Registration Fees – Raises snowmobile fees and redirects them from the state general fund to the Trails Program fund. Sponsored by: Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Interim Committee, Failed committee vote, Died. SUPPORT

To view any of these bills, please go to

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