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WTIC Meets with Wyoming Dept. of Revenue

This month, members of the Wyoming Travel Industry Coalition met with the Wyoming Dept. of Revenue Director, Dan Noble and Kim Lovett, Administrator of the Excise Tax Division, to discuss several important lodging tax related issues.

Director Noble reported that the department was in contact with AirBNB and was working on finalizing an agreement to ensure that AirBNB starts collecting lodging tax, hopefully before the end of 2016. They will be required to collect and report like all other lodging properties and reporting will remain the same. Director Noble notified those in attendance that there will be a 3 year look back period that the company will have to remit back due taxes on. Lodging tax boards can look forward to what is likely to be a one-time payment sometime in 2017. The WTIC will work with the Dept. to communicate when this payment occurs for your records. Once the department is done working with AirBNB they will begin working with VRBO.

Lodging Tax Collection Reports
Members of the WTIC informed the director that the reports sent to the county or city treasurers/clerks was difficult to read because in many instances the properties were listed under another name or a “DBA.” The challenges with accurately reading the reports made it difficult for local lodging tax boards to review and ensure that all required properties were in fact collecting and remitting the tax. Kim Lovett agreed and let those in attendance know that the department has a request in to change the reports to include owner name, address and vendor name.

OTC Back Payments
The WTIC has received numerous calls over the past several years asking about a break out from the Dept. of Revenue for the Online Travel Companies back payments of lodging taxes. While some lodging tax leaders have contacted the department directly and have been successful in receiving the requested information, many have arbitrarily seen a spike in collections without knowing if the back payments were responsible. Kim Lovett notified the group that the OTC’s are now on a calendar year quarterly payment schedule and that the department will look into compiling a report detailing the payments the OTC’s have made up to January 2015.

Properties Not Paying Taxes
Concern for properties not remitting the tax they collect was discussed with the department. While the department made clear that their goal is to make sure that every property is compliant, they did note that additional reporting related to delinquent properties would be extremely time consuming. Director Noble did inform the group that once a property is delinquent for more than 150 days they are listed on the department’s website. He did note that if a property agrees to a payment plan with the state that they are removed from the list.

The Wyoming Travel Industry Coalition is extremely appreciative of Director Dan Noble and Excise tax Administrator Kim Lovett for their time and continued willingness to meet with our association and to hear our concerns. The WTIC will continue dialogue with the Wyoming Department of Revenue will these and all issues related to tax collections and will report any new information through the monthly e-newsletter.

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