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011514 Support Tourism
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Support Governor’s Recommendation for Wyoming Office of Tourism Budget!

The 2014 Legislative Budget Session is upon us and your association has been diligent in orchestrating meetings with members and legislators to discuss our legislative priorities.

The state’s biennium budget will be the main focus of discussion this session and support for the Wyoming Office of Tourism has been our primary focus. Wyoming tourism has continued to grow as the state has continued to invest. 2012 was a record year generating $3.1 billion in direct visitor spending generating $128 million in sales tax. Tourism and hospitality provided 30,500 jobs across Wyoming in 2012.

Clearly conveying support for the Wyoming Office of Tourism biennium budget to your legislator remains the most critical mission. There are groups and legislators that believe the state has no business investing in tourism. Several articles and emails to legislators have suggested doing away with the office of tourism all together. While it may seem asinine, these messages pose a serious threat to our industry. The time is upon us NOW to solidify support from those that represent us.

Voicing support to your legislators is easy. Simply email them a brief note explaining how important tourism is to your business/town/city/county, and use a few specific examples. When legislators hear from you-their constituent- they listen!

Our message is clear- We Support Governor Mead’s recommendation for the Wyoming Office of Tourism 2015-2016 biennium budget!

You can locate your Senator and Representatives here:

Our most recent talking points can be found here: Support Governor Mead's Recommendation - Talking Points

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