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121313 Film Industry
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Wyoming Film Industry Shines with Unique Wyoming Projects

With the success of last year’s Django Unchained and the recent release of Nebraska, it’s easy to think Wyoming’s film industry is driven by Hollywood blockbusters. We’ve had our share over the years. Titles like Shane, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Rocky IV are as recognizable as they are profitable. However, while we attract a respectable number of major motion pictures, Wyoming film is about far more than the next big thing on the silver screen. Catalog shoots, commercials, documentaries, and action sports films form the backbone of our industry.

Leatherman Visits the Shepperson Ranch?

A true Wyoming location, the Shepperson Ranch is owned by a family of rodeo cowboys. Les, the son, won the national finals last December, while and his dad, Frank, was the world champion in steer wrestling in 1975. It is 140,000 acres, includes the famous Teapot Dome, and is just a stone's throw Hole-in-the Wall. A recent Leatherman ad made great use of the location, both for its history and its scenery. Take a look for yourself. Just search "Leatherman visits the Shepperson ranch” on YouTube.


While Wyoming boasts hundreds of ranches, each one more scenic than the last, only one of them is specifically set up as a filming location. That's what makes Turtle Ranch one of Wyoming’s premiere filming destinations. Owners Kate and Robin Wiltshire are the folks behind the famous Budweiser Clydesdales, the Merrill Lynch bull, and the Chevy mustangs. And in addition to being the home of some seriously skilled animal trainers, the ranch itself looks pretty spectacular. ??Anthropologie's fall catalog shoot offers a fine example of the work that happens on Turtle Ranch. Just search YouTube for "Anthroplogie: Away We Go - Jackson Hole” to watch for yourself.

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