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062613 WOT Great to Greater
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From Great to Greater
Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT) Announces Progress and Next Steps in Organizational Efficiency Project

June 21, 2013

Hi, all -

As you may recall, I announced in February that we were beginning the work of an overall organizational assessment in an effort to evaluate our operation, our processes and our structure. Well, we've been working very hard over the past 4 months and are at a point in the process that deserves an industry update. I'm excited to share our progress, next steps and organizational changes that are taking place at your Wyoming Office of Tourism as a result of this work!

In March, Corragio Group, a consulting firm that focuses on strategic planning in destination marketing organizations, began leading us through the process of assessing our organizational efficiencies. Initially, our focus was on organizational restructure but as we got into the work it became clear that we needed to engage in a much broader organizational evaluation.

The first step of the process included stakeholder and employee interviews and a "SWOT" analysis to determine current Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This led to a strategic clarity document, defining the vision, mission, brand intention, values, and strategic imperatives.

The work around strategic clarity and operational planning provided the foundation for a proposed structure scenario. The collective conclusion amongst a peer group and the management team was the need to realign existing departments within program areas that would focus on the four strategic imperatives. As you can see from the new structure scenario, there are some innovative changes that will allow us to meet the needs of today's dynamic and changing marketplace. This new structure will also allow us to better serve you, our industry partners.

A few important things to note. One, our total headcount remains the same. We currently have 24 full-time, 2 part-time and 5 seasonal positions and that will not change under the new scenario. Secondly, you will not see some familiar positions, Deputy Director and Film Office Manager being the most obvious. However, the responsibilities of these positions are not going away but will be redistributed within the new structure. The biggest change comes under Marketing Services and the "The Brand Studio." Eight dedicated staff within this area will function as support to the other departments, to our customers and our stakeholders. One of the key roles will be to interface with vendors that handle our advertising, publishing, website and research.

Staff changes and announcements. Sadly, this week Alan Dubberley announced that he will be leaving the WOT as of July 1st. Alan has been with us for the past 9 years and as all of you know well, has been a dedicated champion of Wyoming's tourism industry. His work on behalf of this office and his contributions to our success do not go unnoticed and we will miss him as a colleague and a friend. But as we did with Chuck Coon and Rita Green-Bellardo, two other valuable leaders who recently left our office, we wish Alan nothing but the best in his new endeavors. He's still around so please feel free to reach out to him at or by cell 307-214-1530. He would love to hear from you.

An established and effective leadership team is priority one in this restructuring process and I am very pleased to announce that James Scoon will lead Travel Trade, Michell Howard will lead Strategic Partnerships and Anita Benton will lead Business Operations. I've worked with James, Michell and Anita for some time and have great respect for their expertise and leadership capabilities. They will continue to excel under the new structure and will play important roles in leading the transition. That leaves the lead for Marketing Services, which remains an open position. A candidate search will begin immediately.

Next steps. The last time we went through any kind of organizational restructuring was in the late 90's when the then Division of Tourism was moved into the newly formed Wyoming Business Council. Although the structure made sense at the time, and has served us well for many years, technology and other advancements in our external environment have changed the way we operate, and how we will need to operate going forward. The WOT staff and I are truly embracing this opportunity to build on our strengths, address our weaknesses and determine how we can advance in order to remain competitive while growing Wyoming's tourism economy. Plus, we are finding this effort very rewarding and worthwhile!

While already approved by the WOT staff and board, a great deal of work remains to be done before this new structure is implemented. Roles and responsibilities along with competencies have yet to be determined for all remaining positions with a goal of completing this work by September or October of this year. The next few months will be spent completing the organizational framework. This includes the capabilities of current staff and their ability to deliver on the requirements of our strategic direction. Once role clarity is understood, the next step will be to define processes and systems within those roles and how they work across departments. This document will provide you an overview of the full organizational assessment framework.

We're excited about our future and the competitive advantage we stand to gain. We welcome your feedback and look forward to serving you in the highest capacity possible!

You can reach me directly by email at or by phone at 307-777-2808.

My best,

Diane Shober
Director, Wyoming Office of Tourism

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